Stardog-admin perf command

I was looking through the docs, catching up no anything new, and noticed the stardog-admin perf. I had been curious about running Stardog with an OpenJ9 JDK and thought that might be a nice quick way to check it out but Stardog 7.0.1 doesn't seem to have that command.

stardog-admin perf add -t 50k -d http://localhost:5820/perf --random 100


Unknown command perf

Hi Zachary,

Good catch but this was an oversight on our part to include perf subcommands in the documentation. These are internal benchmarking/testing commands we use internally for Q&A and regression tests and they were not supposed to be in the documentation. There isn't anything secret or special in these commands but in the past we did not want to commit to public visibility and backwards compatibility restrictions that come with it. We will revisit this decision and possibly include them in the public distribution in the future.


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