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Good! I’m wanting to do a search engine with the framework stardog-js or node.js (I do sparql queries with the parameters of an input). I made an html file in which I refer to the “js” scripts. Now, how do I open the file with a browser? I have to use xampp or something like that?
Thank you very much from Argentina!

Goodnight! I am not knowing how to install and use the APIs to do sparql queries through JavaScript. I will be very grateful if you can help me.


We have a Quick Start example in the documentation that shows how to get started using stardog.js in a node.js application.

If you aren’t making a node.js app, you could use something like Browserify to import the npm module in the browser.

You can do something like this in a browser application, after doing the npm install of stardog. Note that my username, etc. are from text inputs in my browser application (for example, for username, <input type="text" class="form-control" id="username" value="admin">).

    const conn = new stardogjs.Connection({
        username: $('#username').val(),
        password: $('#password').val(),
        endpoint: $('#serverUrl').val()
            limit: 10000,
            offset: 0
    ).then(({ body }) => {
        if (body.hasOwnProperty('results') && body.results.bindings.length === 0) {
            alert('No results were returned for the query.');
        } else if (body.hasOwnProperty('message')) {
            alert('The query generated an error: \n' + 'Code: ' + body.code
                + '\nError: ' + body.message.substring(body.message.indexOf(':') + 1));
        } else {
    }).catch(error => {

This way, you don’t need Browserify.


Great! Thank you very much!
I do not usually work with node js. Excuse my ignorance. How do I execute the code that shows me? I mean, do I need an apache server (xampp) or something like that? How do I organize the project to execute it? Again, sorry for my ignorance and thank you very much.

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