Stardog Manual: JSON import Example Error

The example JSON and SMS2 files for 'Importing JSON Files' in the current (October 2019) Stardog Manual ( produce an error, "CSV import does not support SMS2 mapping syntax." when the (provided) command line, stardog-admin virtual import myDB bitcoin.sms bitcoin.json', is executed.

Which version of Stardog are you using? This error is encountered with versions prior to the introduction of JSON import support in Stardog 7.0.1.


We’re running Stardog 6.2.2.

In any case there should be a caveat or warning in ‘the’ manual to indicate with which versions the example works.

Thank you.



Hi Todd,

The Stardog version for the docs is shown at the top of the right sidebar above the table of contents. The docs for older versions can be accessed by adding the version number to the docs URL, e.g. There is also a table in the appendix that contains the links to older versions:



My error. I went back to the top of the page and saw in large font, 'Version 7'. The problem was/is I'm usually lower down in the manual and failed to be cognizant of the 'caveat' at the top.

Thank you.