Stardog mapping syntax check


brand new to Stardog, is there a general way to check my stardog mapping syntax for errors in Stardog Studio?


Hi Jason,

Assuming you're talking about Stardog Mapping Syntax 2, the answer is yes; Studio provides syntax highlighting and other language intelligence features (e.g., diagnostic error messages) for that language. This is enabled by default for the editor in the "Virtual Graphs" section of Studio, so that's one spot where you can have your syntax checked for errors. In the more general "Workspace" section of Studio (the section with tabbed editors), you can also enable SMS2 language intelligence for any editor by clicking the language selector on the bottom-right corner of the Studio window (see the image below) and changing the language to "SMS" (Studio refers to SMS2 as "SMS" because SMS2 is the most current Stardog Mapping Syntax).

Hope that helps.


this is perfect, thank you!

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