Stardog SPARQL endpoints

I noticed that several SPARQL endpoints are available for Stardog with different properties. I’ve found the following three and briefly tested them in Stardog 5.2.1:

As I understood from post Query and Update endpoint stardog 5, it seems that the second could be used for both reading and updating in Stardog 4. Is there some overview on the available SPARQL endpoints and what you can throw at it? Also interesting to hear if some things will be depreciated/changed in next versions

The relevant section in the docs is this one:

The Annex endpoint is supposed to be used solely by the old Web interface (aka Webconsole), which is now deprecated (superseded by Stardog Studio) and won’t be supported in the future. The endpoint is thus also deprecated.

The other two endpoints are public, documented, and will be supported in the future. The first accepts SPARQL read queries (SELECT/CONSTRUCT/ASK/PATH), the 2nd accepts SPARQL Update queries.


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