Starting AMI-based deployment

We have been trying to start up an instance based on the AMI in the marketplace. However, when we try to start the server we are getting an error about the license. Also, we are not entirely sure that we are using the right method to start the server. I am attaching a screenshot of our command and the output.

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Looks ok how you're starting it although you don't need to explicitly call the shell or the extension. stardom-server start should be sufficient. I'd have to think about how you're way might effect passing environment variables.

Stardom isn't going to start without a valid license. If you have one you would need to scp it onto the machine and place that in /var/opt/stardog and then Stardog should start.

I'm not sure if Stardog is still supporting Amazon AMI's as they've mostly moved to their cloud offering but I'll defer to someone from Stardom to clarify that.

Thanks Zachary.

Just to be sure I re-ran the script directly but the result was the same. I tried "find" to locate anything with "license" in it but it appears there is no license file on the instance which was provisioned by the AMI.

I'll try to Contact Stardog again...

Sorry, I'm not too familiar with running Stardog from an AMI. I don't know if it's provisioned with a license or if you are expected to obtain a license and copy it there. The fact that it doesn't just come up with one in place tells me it's probably the latter.

You might want to take a look at their cloud offerings unless there's something specific you're looking to do that requires something special.

Just FYI on this, we eventually re-deployed using a cloud formation template and were able to connect to the web interface via https on port 5820. Ultimately, I'm not sure what the purpose of the AMI is.

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