Studio feature request: Download as TTL

It would be helpful to have TTL as a download option in addition to the XML,JSON, CSV, TSV options.

Is there a published list of planned features for Studio?


Hi Tim,

Thanks for this feedback; we’ll certainly take it into consideration and try to update you here if/when progress occurs. As for a published list of planned features for Studio, there isn’t one at this time, but the fact that you’re interested in having one available will be used to inform our decisions regarding that possibility!

Thanks again,

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Hi again, Tim,

I wanted to mention here that TTL is a download option for queries where that format seems to make sense (e.g., for CONSTRUCT queries). You can see this by executing a CONSTRUCT query in Studio and then exporting the results. Does that cover the cases you’re interested in?


Yes! This works for my current use cases. All I needed do is change from SELECT to CONSTRUCT syntax and voila, the turtle option appeared.

Thanks much!