Transitive Reasoning Broken? Stardog 4.2.3 vs Stardog 5.0-RC


Unless I am missed some configuration, it seems that the transitivity reasoning rule is broken on Stardog 5.0-RC but when I try it on Stardog-4.2.3 it works fine.

I attached the ontology sample. And the query is below,
transitiveReasoning.rdf (39.2 KB)

select ?a ?b
?a <> ?b.

Both reasoning levels are set to SL. It works well on 4.2.3 but not on the 5.0-rc

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Are you executing this query through the web console? Can you try executing this query on the command line using stardog query execute -r? The -r switch enables reasoning.

@jess it seems working fine from the command line

stardog query myDbTest --reasoning "select ?a ?b where { ?a <> ?b. }

The Rest queries are still valid as well

http://localhost:5820/charbel/query?reasoning=true&query=Select ?a ?b where { ?a bldgs:connectsTo ?b.}

Do you think it is a webUI error?

We have seen (and continue to look into) some bugs with the web console regarding the enabling of reasoning. It will be taken care of for the next RC/release.

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