Triggering an action as SWRL implication


What are the design options to trigger an action (for example invoke an API to sending a message to an actuator device) as the implication of a SWRL rule? Take this example Do I need to have a polling component looking for a property being set to an individual or newly created individuals of a certain type?
In case other designs next to polling exist, I would prepare that.

Could you advice?

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I can’t read the GIF you linked to so I’m unsure if it provides some relevant context. The inferences from rules are available in the results of SPARQL queries. Stardog does not implement any type of trigger to respond to new data (whether inferred or concrete).


Hi Jess,

Thanks for your reply. The gif can be found on this page (box 1).

So we only have the polling approach to react to new information.

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I see the SWRL rule now. As recently mentioned in this thread it’s possible to listen for triples being added to a database. It would be possible to use this to look for changes that may potentially infer the head of the rule. For example you could listen for new Decision instances and then execute a SPARQL query to check if the decision meets the “increase dose” requirements. This may save some effort and give quicker results than polling.

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