Turn off automatic updates of Stardog server

Dear community,

I noticed that my Stardog server (v 7.7.1) is automatically updated to new releases.
I would like to switch off this behavior. How can this be achieved?
I searched the documentation and the posts here, but couldn't find an answer.

Background info:
I'm facing issues with hanging queries (run forever and can't be killed) and these issues seem to happen at the same time (or shortly before after) a new release is installed.

Thanks and regards,

Hi Roberto,

Stardog does not auto update when a new release comes out. Could you share a bit more about how you installed Stardog?


Hi Noah,

Thanks for the reply. Then I think I know what's going on (at least partly). I deployed Stardog as docker image on Kubernetes. I set up the Kubernetes configuration to always use the latest Stardog image. Somehow Stardog is restarted from time to time from Kubernetes. I think this is when a new release is deployed.

Not sure though if the docker image restarting is the cause or the consequence of the hanging queries issue I mentioned.


Hi Roberto,

If you are pulling the latest version of the Docker image, it's definitely possible that's when you're unintended upgrade happens. We only have the latest version of Stardog publicly available on DockerHub and that is tagged latest. When we release a new version of Stardog, that then becomes the latest available on DockerHub.

It's possible the hanging queries were due to Stardog not having enough resources at the time but it's hard to say for sure without looking further at the $STARDOG_HOME/stardog.log. Perhaps Kubernetes is restarting Stardog due to memory/cpu pressure increasing past a certain threshold? We have some helpful Kubernetes commands in our documentation that may help troubleshoot that piece.

Thanks, for the helpful tips.

In the log file starrocks.log I also found the following error message which points to an resource issue:

[ERROR][2021/08/24 09:06:13:051][starrocks/main/native/src/staroptions.cpp:158][140182677182208] parallelism (cpu core count) is 2 which is below the minimal threshold of 4. This may severely impact Stardog's performance. Please configure your system so that parallelism for this process is at least 8

I'm currently setting up VMs with more CPU cores and memory and will see what happens. It's strange though, because we currently don't use this Stardog server in production. There is not much load happing at the moment (2 developers using it, <100k Triples) :-/

Also I'm wondering, why is the Stardog helm chart setup is mentioning that 2 CPU cores are sufficient?


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