Use of the stardog:identifier function

Where can I find the documentation for stardog:identifier? At a minimum, I'd like to know if this function will always return the same identifier for the same triple. If that were the case, we could use reification for various purposes and be assured that additional information stays linked over dump, reload, relocation to other instances, etc.

I think the only mention of it in the documentation is under "Property Graphs"

I don't know how it's implemented but my best guess is it canonicalizes the statement and then takes a hash of that. (probably sha1 or md5 or maybe a type 3 or 5 uuid)

Yes, it's a deterministic function over the S, P, O, and (if exists) C components. You could use it for reification purposes, which is how it's used for supporting edge properties in property graphs.


Do you mean the graph by "C component?"

Yes. Sorry for the ambiguity.


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