Virtual Graph Mapping + Reasoning

I have an ontology which consists of a class "Country", and a subclass "BigCountry". I have a datatype property called "population" of type integer. "BigCountry" has a restriction of "population" > 50. So, if I query the class "BigCountry" with reasoning activated, I get all the instances of "Country" that have a population over 50.

Now I'm trying to have all the instances (countries) in a table in a relational database, and I want to connect (map) the information from the database to the ontology and be able to use the "reasoning" to find out the big countries.

How do I have to modify this mapping file to be able to connect it with the first ontology, as to say that a country from the virtual graph is an instance of the class "Country"? How should I query the "BigCountry" class with "reasoning" as to take into account the instances of the virtual graph?


I just realized that I had not the stardog:context:all flag on. Once I turn it on everything worked as expected.

Just a note for the UX & UI team, maybe you can change this in stardog studio because it is confusing:


As stardog:context:all has a hover, it made me think that it was on. but it wasn't, I have to actually click on it and then it appears:


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