Virtual Mapping - StrBefore

I am getting an error when using StrBefore in a BIND statement in SMS2. Maybe I misunderstood the docs' text "... the WHERE clause in SMS2 mappings for text files supports any SPARQL function when BIND -ing transformed values to new variables. This includes unnest .

Here is the error...
stardog.exceptions.StardogException: [500] 000012: Unsupported expression in BIND() for variable ?latitude. Found StrBefore()

Here is the statement...
BIND (STRBEFORE(?lat_long, ' ') AS ?latitude) .
where ?lat_long is one of the mapped table variables.



If you look at the docs for SPARQL function support in SMS2, you can see that we only support type cast functions in virtual graph mappings. Other functions, such as strbefore, are only supported when importing CSV/JSON files. Additionally, UNNEST is not a function but a SPARQL operator and currently only supported in queries.