Warning in Stardog log

(Andrea Westerinen) #1

What would be a possible cause of the warning ....

WARNING: Expecting facet, but found: _:bnode_7c7df73d_8817_4d90_82f0_13f437eb6308_90

in the stardog log?


(Evren Sirin) #2

This sounds like an issue with a user-defined data type in an OWL ontology. Is it possible for you to share the ontology?



(Andrea Westerinen) #3

Evren, I have datatype property definitions that look like this:

:date_modified a owl:DatatypeProperty ;
     rdfs:label "date modified"@en ;
     rdfs:comment "String defining the date when an entity was modified. An individual may be modified
         more than once. The value must conform to one of the formats, yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm or 
         yyyy."@en ;
     rdfs:range [ a rdfs:Datatype ;
                  owl:onDatatype xsd:string ;
                  owl:withRestrictions ( [ xsd:pattern 
                              "^[0-9]{4}(\\-(0[1-9]|1[012])(\\-(0[1-9]|[12][0-9]|3[01]))?)?$" ] ) ] .

Would that generate the warning?


(Evren Sirin) #4

This specific restriction should not cause this warning but another datatype definition like this must be. Is it possible there is a restriction that is using a facet not defined in the OWL spec? A query like this might help identify the issue:

    ?dt owl:withRestrictions/rdf:rest*/rdf:first ?restr.
        ?restr ?facet ?value .
        FILTER (?facet IN (xsd:pattern, xsd:length, 
                           xsd:minLength, xsd:maxLength,
                           xsd:minInclusive, xsd:minExclusive, 
                           xsd:maxInclusive, xsd:maxExclusive,

Also is your schema stored in one or more named graphs?


(Andrea Westerinen) #5

Evren, I ran the query and found that it was related to minInclusive/maxInclusive. Then, I digged a bit deeper and discovered that I used the "owl:" prefix for these restrictions instead of "xsd:".

Sorry for the question. The datatype definitions looked right (until I really looked at them).


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