Will "CLEAR ALL" remove triples from archetype?

stardog-admin db create -o database.archetypes="uneskos" -n app
Bulk loading data to new database app.
Loaded 628 triples to app from 2 file(s) in 00:00:00.336 @ 1.9K triples/sec.
Successfully created database 'app'.



Yes, but it’s not really removing them from the archetype. It’s removing them from the database. The archetype ijust simplifies loading a predefined set of files into your database. Once those files are loaded you are free to delete them or manipulate them in any way you’d like.

so CLEAR ALL will still removing predefines from db even using protected archetypes?


No you shouldn’t be able to delete then but you won’t even be able to see the protected types. Is that not what you’re seeing?

it looks like these two tabs have namespace graph, and when i run CLEAR ALL

all tripple defines in archetype were removed

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