WIndows: Can't start Stardog Server: "Failed creating java"

I saw the previous post on Cannot start the Stardog Server, and I am exactly at the same spot our last correspondent was, i.e., set JAVA_HOME , but still no joy; I am still seeing the same error:
[2021-10-06 13:11:29] [info] Commons Daemon procrun ( 64-bit) started
[2021-10-06 13:11:29] [info] Running 'Stardog-Server' Service...
[2021-10-06 13:11:29] [info] Starting service...
[2021-10-06 13:11:29] [error] Failed creating java
[2021-10-06 13:11:29] [error] ServiceStart returned 1
[2021-10-06 13:11:29] [info] Run service finished.
[2021-10-06 13:11:29] [info] Commons Daemon procrun finished

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