Xsd:time not working

I am trying to create a valid time variable with xsd:time in SPARQL but I am getting an error message. I am able to do the same for a date with xsd:date however.

select ?eventDate (xsd:date((strbefore(?eventDate, " "))) as ?date) (xsd:time(strafter(?eventDate, " ")) as ?time)

In previous posts, it was mentionned that future versions will support that function. When is it supposed to be supported?


You do not need casting here. For creating typed literals from strings you can use the builtin strdt function as in (strdt(strafter(?eventDate, " "), xsd:time) as ?time).


There is a slight difference: Casting validates the lexical value and strdt doesn't. So using strdt is prone to data corruption. Ex:
SELECT ?time (datatype(?time) AS ?dt) { BIND (strdt("2019-0909", xsd:time) as ?time) }

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