About "_:anon-genid"

Hi, I see ontology class constraints are created as anon-genid as follows.
_:anon-genid-cea*** a owl:Restriction .

Is there a way to import the constraints correctly? Or what is the alternative way to use it in Stardog? Should I use SHACL?

Thanks in advance.


I don't see what is wrong - OWL class expressions like the property restrictions are usually made of a bunch of RDF triples, and the restriction object itself is just a blank node as in your example.
What does not work or is wrong with it?

Also, those OWL property restriction are not meant to be constraints. The de-facto constraint language for RDF is SHACL nowadays.

That said, You didn't mention any context, neither what exactly you did nor what you want to do at all? All you've show is an RDF triple with a blank node as subject which is standard RDF serialization of OWL class expressions.

Thanks Lorenz for the insight. I was not able to see the blank node details in explorer, so I thought the data was not imported correctly. As shown in the figure, when I click on b0 or b1, it shows nothing .
But I can see the blank node details with SPARQL.