Access to access control via SPARQL

I’d like to be able to use SPARQL to retrieve and supplement access control information. For example to be able to retrieve Stardog users and their permissions. And to be able to add additional metadata (for example contact information). Is this a) possible and b) documented anywhere ideally with an ontology?
If I naively try SELECT * WHERE {user:admin ?p ?o} I get an “undefined prefix” error.

That information isn’t exposed to the user through a SPARQL interface. I believe that the information is stored in some sort of system index but isn’t directly accessible. The only way to get to it would be through the CLI, Webconsole, Rest Interface or API and even then isn’t exposed as triples. They did add access to the vcs data that wasn’t previously accessible through a virtual graph so maybe there is some possibility that it might be done with system data if it’s a good idea and users ask for it.

I had been curious myself but wasn’t sure if poking around the system database was a good idea. I’m guessing it’s probably not a good idea since it would probably be very easy to completely hose up your installation.

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