Building a Knowledge Graph

Hello everyone,

I am a student at Friedrich Alexander university in Germany and I would like to create a knowledge graph using Stardog. The topic of the knowledge graph is the german startup culture. Therefore I would like to create a graph that shows information about listed startups. Is it possible to build this with stardog? The end result should be a graph where each node is a startup and if clicked on that startup shows information regarding the startup.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hi Simon,

sure, that is possible using Stardog. I think the easiest way to get started is getting a Stardog Cloud account, where you can setup a free server instance (see details).With Stardog Cloud you can use Stardog Studio to add data (e.g., uploading RDF files) and query your knowledge graph (using SPARQL). You can visualize and explore the graph using Explorer.

There are also different tutorials for getting started in the Knowledge Kits section and you can find more materials in the official documentation (e.g., in the Tutorials section).

I hope this will help you getting started with your project.

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