Need tutorial/ Resources for creating ontologies and modelling

I am new to Stardog and Knowledge Graphs. I was able to follow and create a virtual graph from a local mysql instance using stardog tutorials. But I cannot find anything related to creating OWL ontologies and modelling for the knowledge graph. Need help with some learning resources.
A sample OWL file for ontology will also be helpful.


This tutorial is for Protege not Stardog but I think learning the basics of Protege is a good way to get familiar with OWL concepts. I recently developed it. It is a revision of an old tutorial called the Pizza tutorial. There are several versions of the Pizza tutorial but the one that goes into the most detail about OWL was many years out of date with the current Protege UI. I updated it for the current UI, removed some out-dated terminology referring to the frame version of Protege and also added new sections for SWRL, SHACL, and SPARQL. There is also a sample ontology on my site that includes everything that the user defines through chapter 5 plus some new classes like employee and customer, some individuals, properties and property values. I did this so people can have a small ontology to use for queries, SHACL, and SWRL rules without the tedium of defining the individuals and property values:


yes i think most tutorial resource are outdated, rdf need more broader attention

TopBraid is a commercial version of Ontology editor, (Protege is open source, but with fewer features) . The company has made a business of creating ontologies over the last 20 years. They are now focused on "Data Governance" and have Ontologies for the processes for doing data management. Top Braid has some good tutorials.

I wish StarDog and Topbraid would form an alliance. Ontology creation is painful with out instant feedback on their effectiveness and efficiency. Semantic Data Virtualization gives that feedback. Also, Semantic Data Virtualization is not Semantic without good Ontologies. Great synergy, please work together.


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