I'm new to Stardog, Add data and ontologies

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Stardog.

I have a myDb.ttl data file which I wish to add to my database as well as my v5_ql.owl ontology.
I need help

I tried adding the files like this:

./stardog-admin db create -n myDb /data/myDb.ttl
./stardog data add --named-graph myDb /data/v5_ql.owl
./stardog-admin db offline myDb
./stardog-admin metadata set -o reasoning.schema.graphs=tag:stardog:api:context:all myDb
./stardog-admin db online myDb

I also changed reasoning type to QL on the admin web console. The thing is every time I run a query with reasoning turned On and OFF, I get the same number of tuples. I’m expecting different number when reasoning is ON. I believe I’m not adding the ontology properly.

Please I need your suggestion.

Welcome to Stardog.

tag:stardog:api:context:all is the default value for reasoning.schema.graphs so you shouldn’t need to do that but it would be ok if you did.

When adding your ontology it looks like you’re omitting the named graph. I’m not sure exactly what it’s going to do as a result. I’d guess that it’s going to think that myDb is the name of the graph and /data/v5_ql.owl is the db name and complain that you didn’t supply a data file and fail. The command should be something along the lines of

./stardog data add --named-graph myNamedGraph myDb /data/v5_ql.owl

If that doesn’t fix things up can you share your data, ontology, and query?

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