Data Modelling in Stardog

Hi, I am very new to StarDog. I have just started exploring the tool and was wondering how to do data modelling like we can do in Protege. Is there any good tutorial out there? I have gone through the existing tutorials but was unable to understand where can I write my ttl file(or triples,etc.) in Stardog.. I am currently working on Stardog sandbox.. Any leads will be appreciated..

Stardog doesn't currently include any specific tools for data modeling but there's no reason why you can't use Protege for your datamodeling and then load the ontology into Stardog.

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Thanks Zachary.. I was just curious to know if there is a way for data modelling.. Ofcourse Protege is a great tool for it..

Hi Guarav,

To build a little on what Zach said:

  • Zach is right, there is not currently any direct support for modeling in Studio. Protege is indeed certainly an option, and you can easily load the ontology you create there via the Load Data option in the Database section of Studio. Also, the workspace section has Turtle syntax highlighting in addition to SPARQL, so if you're looking to write something small or make a small addition, you can do it there as well.
  • In terms of resources/tutorials, we just released the first three parts of our getting started series (part 0 here: that starts from the very beginning on data modeling. We'd love your feedback if you end up working through it.
  • We recognize how critical modeling is to getting benefit to Stardog and are actively working on supporting modeling within Studio. We'd love to hear from you (and anyone else reading this!) about your experience modeling. If you'd be up for a conversation, shoot me an email ( and we can find some time to chat.

Glad you're getting started with Stardog - along with modeling-specific feedback, we'd love to hear any feedback as you get up and running!


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