Stardog Studio - Manual


Is there a manual or detailed documentation for Stardog Studio.

It's not clear to me what all the various options mean, nor the relationship between Models and named graphs. For example, when I create a model what is the purpose of the prefix:IRI in the dialog?


There currently isn't any comprehensive documentation on Stardog Studio but there is documentation that can be found in the Stardog docs and the Stardog blog. The best way to figure out how it works is probably to be familiar with the underlying operation of Stardog itself and the W3C standards on which it's based. To do that I would recommend reading the Stardog docs which are comprehensive and to ask questions here if you need any help.

This tutorial should be helpful here I'm not sure exactly what dialog to which you're referring but in general prefixes just make it easier to write http://super.long/urls/that/are/a/pain/to/write/out/over/and/over/again . So instead of writing that you can define a prefix like prefix easier: <http://super.long/urls/that/are/a/pain/to/write/out/over/and/over/> and just write easier:again instead of the longer IRI. It's a simple replacement. You don't have to use them. They just make your life easier.


Thanks for the speedy response.
So I am familiar with the W3C standards, its the mapping of concepts on top of them in Stardog i.e. 'models' that I'm getting a bit confused about. And yes I understand the concept of prefix's but not when creating a model.

Also, I've created a Model which is for my Abox data, and thus I don't need to define any classes, as my Tbox is in a separate Model. Stardog Studio seems to assume I would create classes and keeps nagging me to do so each time I save or load the model.


Can you explain in a little more detail what you mean by nagging?