Can't find complexible.stardog plugin in plugin list

Hi.. I followed the steps given in but was unable to get the complexible.stardog in the plugin list in gremlin. Can someone please guide me on this topic?
I am using stardog(6.0) and the latest release of gremlin downloaded from

You need to be using a specific version of tinkerpop listed in the documentation.

Stardog 7.0.1 supports 3.0.2-incubating

I don't recall what version 6.0 supported or if it was different. My recommendation would be to upgrade to the latest 7.0.1 but if you're unable to do that I'd try that version and then you might be able to find the old documentation for 6.0

Got looks like it was the same for 6.0. 3.0.2-incubating

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And because I'm feeling super helpful today see under "archived releases"

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Thanks alot Zachary.. Always a big help..

Still not able to find the plugin

I was poking around and it looks like I have access to a copy of 6.1.0. It's probably close enough. I'll see if I can replicate your problem.

I was able to successfully install and activate it with 6.1.0.

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