Connection pooling from Java

We are using the Stardog Java API from Tomee for our applications, currently every transaction taking place in the applications running on Tomee will create a new connection to Stardog ( and close it ).
I've looked at the pooling documentation but I cannot find a clear benefit from using this in our application. Since Stardog API communicates over HTTP I was wondering if the connections remain open and thus improving performance.
If you could shed some light on this that would be great, I have 'StardogProvider' resource type available which could be used with pooling in Tomee/Tomcat installation I'm more then happy to share that as OpenSource.


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We haven't run this through a profiler or anything, but when creating a new Connection, there's a non-negligible amount of client-side processing and configuration that is done (especially when using HTTPS), as well as 2 additional round trips between client and server to establish the connection. On top of that, if many connections are opened in a short time, they may tie up file handlers at the system level. Connection pooling avoids all of these issues.