How to use connection pool on a web app

In all the examples that I found on the documentation or on blog articles, connection pools are closed after we are done with them. I have to use Stardog to develop an API, so basically my app will never be stopped. Should I use only one pool and get connections when needed ? If so, when should I close this pool sometimes ? Or should I create a new pool every time I need a connection and close it afterwards ?

I’m quite of a newbie, so excuse me if this question seems dumb or trivial .

Nothing is forever. Eventually all things must come to an end. It's just not your preferred state. :wink:

In general, yes. You may want to establish separate connection pools for reasoning and non-reasoning connections as suggested in the documentation. [quote="Orval, post:1, topic:378"]
If so, when should I close this pool sometimes

You should close the connection pool right before your application exits.

That would defeat the purpose of using a connection pool and would probably be worse than not using one at all. Connection pools aren't really specific to Stardog and you aren't required to use one. There is a overhead associated with establishing a connection so rather than paying that cost every time you need to use a connection you pay the price once and then return the connection to the shared pool where it will be reused and avoid the cost of establishing the connection.

No worries. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Feel free to ask questions and be sure to share the cool things you end up doing with Stardog.

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