Constraint Tab Not Available In Model

Hi I am new to Stardog.
Created a free account.
Trying to create a Model in studio.
But there is no constraint tab available. (Please check attached snapshot)
Please suggest.

Hello, if you're on Studio 3.5.0 or greater, ensure that the preference includeConstraintsInModelsHub is set to true.

Best of luck!

Paul, Thanks for reply. but

I am using Stardog cloud.
I don't have such access. any suggestion on Cloud how to get constraint tab.


Neha, within Studio, you should be able to open up the Preferences as follows:

  • Mac: cmd ,
  • Windows/Linux: Meta + ,. The meta key is likely alt or cmd.

Then change the includeConstraintsInModelsHub to true

and Save your preferences as follows:

  • Mac: cmd s
  • Windows/Linux: Meta s. The meta key is likely alt or cmd.

For further reference, you can check out the documentation here:

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Paul. It worked.
By default it was true. so toggled it once and it worked.
seems like a small bug in stardog :slight_smile: