Constraints in db, no unlicensed icv explanation

I have loaded an OWL ontology into v4.2 and want to check my individuals for IC violations.

I created my database with all default settings. I started the database with --disable-security if that makes any difference

When I run the validation without specifying any external constraints, I violations are reported:

$ ./stardog icv validate iar_icv
Data is NOT valid.
The following constraints were violated:
AxiomConstraint{ rdfs:subClassOf}

But when I try to run the explainer, I get this message:

$ ./stardog icv explain iar_icv
Validating external constraints not allowed by license. Only constraints added to the database can be used for validation.

Doesn't the validation report show that I do have constraints loaded into the database?

Also, I think I'm getting an error form the fix command:

$ ./stardog icv fix iar_icv

expected one element but was: <PropertyAssertion(variable:x0,obo:BFO_0000050,variable:x1), PropertyAssertion(variable:x0,obo:RO_0000059,variable:x1), PropertyAssertion(stackoverflow:SomeIAR,obo:RO_0000052,variable:x0), PropertyAssertion(variable:x0,obo:OBI_0000833,variable:x1), TypeAssertion(stackoverflow:SomeIAR,obo:OBI_0000202), ...>

UPDATE: I have also loaded my ontology into v5.01 with a 30 day enterprise license, using the same settings as above. As long as I load the same ontology as constraints or include the ontology file as an argument in the ICV commands, I can see an explanation for the violation.

Specifically, <> doesn't explicitly meet the owl:equivalentClass constraints of

iar_icv.ttl (9.9 KB)

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