Bug on ICV validation

I imported an ontology with classes and these classes have owl:disjointWith (Ex: Person disjoint with Phone)
And then turned on ICV but nothing happened when importing the wrong data (ex: fullname must have datatype string but it's ok when i entered number: :Person :fullname 123123).

The reason why i have to use disjointWith because the domain-range constraint validation don't work and i read some officials documents about it. It's only work when specifing disjointWith.

Ex: :Person :hasPhone :phone1
:phone1 :phoneNumber :12334
:phoneNumber rdf:domain :Phone
but i can insert :Person :phoneNumber :12334 without any error.

Any advice to make ICV work ?

How are you loading the data? ICV constraints need to be loaded explicitly as constraints with stardog-admin icv add rather than loading it alongside your data like you can do with your ontology.

I've always thought it would be nice if there was a specific prefix for icv constraints that mirrored owl so that you could just change the prefix and load it with your ontology and your data. Something like prefix icv: <tag:stardog:api:icv:>