Path queries and constraints

This might be an odd question but you folks a habit of responding to far out questions with, “Ya, sure Stardog can do that” so here it goes.

Can you use the new path queries with constraints? Why would you ever want to do that you might ask. I was looking at the constraints listed for the RDF Cube Vocabulary. Most of the constraints are given as single SPARQL queries but the last two IC-20 and IC-21 have to be specified as multiple queries, a query and a template. I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around those constraints but I get the feeling that they could be formulated as a path query and if that’s the case and Stardog supported path queries in ICV then you could implement those constraints in Stardog.

Hi Zach,

This is an interesting suggestion and we’ll look into it. I don’t see any specific reason why we can’t support that. Actually the semantics of queries in ICV constraints is such that the constraint is violated iff the query returns a non-empty result, which should play particularly well with path queries since they’ve been specifically designed for lazy evaluation (Stardog doesn’t compute all paths in memory before starting to output results).


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