Stardog and PATH Queries


Does Stardog support Path Queries [1] ?

In the webconsole I this kind of error (but those queries might not be available from the web console) :
Parse error on line 4:
…00/01/rdf-schema#>PATHS START ?x = <ht

From CLI I get those errors with the documentation example (that would of course not return any result)
/home/project/stardog/bin/stardog query projectDB "PATHS START ?x = :Alice END ?y VIA ?p"
Encountered " <FUNCTION_NAME> "START “” at line 1, column 7.
Was expecting one of:
“from” …
“shortest” …
“cyclic” …
“all” …

Thank you for any help


Hi Fabian,

Path queries were in beta prior to 5.1 and their syntax changed (based on feedback) in 5.1. So while it’s possible to run (a subset of) path query functionality with it’s much better to upgrade.

I think the syntax was like this back then:

PATHS FROM (:Alice AS ?x) TO ?y MAX DEPTH 2 { 
  ?x ?p ?y 

It wasn’t possible to use SPARQL patterns to define sets of start and end nodes. It’s likely there was no Webconsole support at that point, too but CLI and Java/HTTP APIs should work.


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