PATHS query in webconsole returns error


I am running Stardog5.3, and using the query window in the websconsole through my browser to test queries. Most are working fine, but I tried the PATHS query, and keep getting a parse error. I know this is new. Is it not possible to run these via the webconsole?

This is my query
PATHS START ?x = ct:NCT00352534 END ?y via ct:hasIntervention

I also tried
PATHS START ?x = ct:NCT00352534 END ?y via ?p

I get this error in both cases:
Parse error on line 5:
…inicaltrialproj/>PATHS START ?x = ct:

Am I doing something wrong in the syntax? I tried to follow the examples in the manual.


I just tested it. The query works perfectly on the command line. But in the webconsole, it returns the parse error shown above.
I am running the webconsole via browser from another machine because entering queries on the command line on the remote server is a bit of a pain. Would that make a difference somehow?

Hi Bonnie,

You’re correct, PATHS feature isn’t supported in Webconsole. That legacy UI is basically deprecated and is being replaced by the new Stardog Studio UI: It already supports paths.

In addition you can run queries against a remote server from your local shell.


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