Variable Path Queries

Like in some other graph DBs, is there a provision in Stardog where we could get the path from start node to end node which are minimum x hops and maximum y hops away.
For example :
I want to check what nodes are away from one node A with minimum 2 hops and maximum 4 hops away.
A -> B -> C [2 hops away]
A -> B -> C -> D [3 hops away]
A -> B -> C -> D -> E [4 hops away]
I want to get all the possible paths from 2 to 4 hops away from a particular node .

Hi Avijeet,

Yes, have a look at the path queries section: Path Queries | Stardog Documentation Latest

There's no syntax for limiting the path length from below but you can use MAX LENGTH to limit it from above. If you absolutely need to filter out too short paths on the server side, you can use the Stored Query Service to execute your path query and then put a standard SPARQL FILTER on top of that (it'd use the stardog:length function, see the example at the end of that section).