Created a db with virtual.transparency true

And query.all.graphs true.

Defined a virtual graph and defined a new db.

When I go to query data (that would be from the virtual graph), I get no data returned.

I must specifically query as select .... from virtual://newgraph where ... to see any data.

I thought that virtual transparency removed this requirement.


Can you share the output from stardog-admin metadata get -o virtual.transparency -o query.all.graphs db

~/ToolsAndRepos/stardog-current/bin/stardog-admin metadata get -o virtual.transparency -o query.all.graphs db
| Option | Value |
| query.all.graphs | true |
| virtual.transparency | true |

That looks good. The only other issue I can think of is if you associated the virtual graph with a different database than you're querying from.

When I define a virtual graph in Studio, it does not ask for the associated DB, and when I go to query a DB in Studio, it does list the virtual graph as available.

In the pystardog code, I do not have a way to attach a virtual graph to a db - which is why we were using virtual transparency. There needs to be a virtual import interface.


Can you share the query and plan with and without the FROM? If you wish not to share publicly, please send them to