How to know if virtual graph is created

Hi ,

I have created a Virtual Graph using Studio.
Now when i am querying the graph it is not producing any result. So I doubt that if my virtual graph connection is established and working.

Is there any way to test my virtual graph is established?

Virtual graphs are created only in the sense that you're registering the information that you need to connect and map the data so the best way to check is to actually try a query. It sounds like you're not getting the results that you're expecting. It could be as simple as you've got a typo in a prefix and it's not returning anything. Can you include the details that you used to set this up, database, connection parameters, mappings, options, (are you using virtual transparency), the queries you're testing with, stardog/studio versions, etc?

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Log details are as below

com.complexible.stardog.plan.parser.QueryParseException: Encountered "<EOF>" at line 2, column 65.
Was expecting one of:
    <HINT> ...
    "base" ...
    "prefix" ...
    "mapping" ...
	at com.complexible.stardog.plan.parser.QueryParserImpl.parseDatasourceMappings( ~[stardog-7.4.0.jar:?]

Studio version:
Stardog version: 7.4.0

Interesting. It look like the query is empty. Can you include the mappings and the query you're running? Do you have virtual transparency enabled? Can you query a Stardog database successfully (run a query against Stardog that doesn't include the virtual graph)?

Sorry for late and incomplete reply.
I am able to import music.ttl and can run query against it.
However due to my system on which i was trying to connect with DB is not in good , so I am unable to provide you the mapping file