Creating Virtual Graph using Stardog API

Hi Team,

I understand Automatic RDBMS Mappings is a newly introduced functionality. I would like to know if Stardog has a way to implement the same programatically, using stardog API, yet.
I found this article in the blogs:
But as per my understanding this also requires a N3 file. Is there any other similar article on the same which might be helpful?
Any leads would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

I'm not sure exactly what you're looking to do but I think a good start would be looking at VirtualGraphAdminConnection

The example uses N3 but you can use any serialization that Stardog understands which is most of the ones available. N3, turtle, rdf/xml, etc

The Stardog examples github repo is also a great place to look and you can always ask questions here.

Thank you for the quick response.
I am using the same VirtualGraphAdminConnection to create Virtual graph. But what should I pass as third parameter if I dont have any mappings file(.tll).
I understand that we can do it through command line by using command:
stardog-admin virtual add
as mentioned in :
I tried passing null as mappings, but I am facing NullPointerException in that case. Shall I pass an empty file or anything else in that case?

Thank you!

Hi Smrati,

You can do this by passing an empty Model instance which has no statements.


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