Custom aggregate

I was going to write a custom aggregate and noticed that a few things had changed since last time I went to write one. I’m working with a somewhat older version (4.2.0) so maybe things have changed since then. The aggregates example in the github stardog-examples repo doesn’t implement the getSerializer method. I’m assuming that this was added after the example was written (possibly to support spilling to disk?).

I was trying to muddle through implementing a serializer but AbstractAggregateSerializer has default visibility and I can’t access it outsize of the package or should I just write an implementation of the AggregateSerializer interface myself?

(I can implement it in the com.complexible.stardog.plan.aggregate package since the jars aren’t sealed but wanted to avoid that if possible)

Actually all that serialization stuff was dropped in 5.0 after we moved to a custom memory management approach. So you shouldn’t need to implement it, or even look at it, if you do your aggregate for 5+.


Thanks. I’m stuck with an old version during the day which I’m hoping to update soon.

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