SHACL + SHACL Advanced Features Support

Any plans for adding support for SHACL, and SHACL Advanced Features (SHACL Rules)?


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I would also love SHACL support.

RDF4J has a Google Summer of Code student working to develop a SHACL Sail that can wrap an arbitrary database. I’m the mentor. It’s going to take a lot of effort to support the entire shacl standard (which is pretty big) and at the moment my student is working on support for minCount.

It’ll be a project to watch though, especially since we intend to bring support for validating efficiently based on the changes in a transaction.


That’s very exciting news, Håvard, I’m really happy someone is working on
this. It’s such an important standard, but there are no proper
implementations around (except for the Jena reference implementation).

It would be great if Stardog was able to put some resources behind it, as
well!! (hint, hint).

Please let us know when you have something to share, very much looking
forward to it.


Is there any new about a SHACL implementation for Stardog ?

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SHACL support is an essential requirement for many of us. Any new information on when we should expect it implemented in Stardog?


Seconded. Stardog, any new information?

You might be able to use SHACL though the Stardog-Jena interface

I know it’s not ideal but it might be something you can use for now. I’m not a Stardog person but just a Stardog user so please don’t interpret that has a flippant response. I’m just an end user trying to help the community :slight_smile:

On a side note, is there any reason ICV is inadequate other than it’s not a W3C standard?

it would be indeed a nice addition to Stardog if it supports SHACL. Any plans for it??

SHACL support is on our roadmap. It will be integrated into the current ICV capability. We expect it to be available in Q4.


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Really looking forward to “SHACL in Q4” :sunglasses:

Do "Q4" equal "version 6.0" ?
In other words: will we get SHACL when Stardog 6.0 is released?

I know you’re looking for a more official answer but you can try poking around the 6 alpha release to see if it’s in there. I’m crazy curious so that’s what I’d do. Probably will do right after I’m done here :slight_smile:

"SHACL support is on our roadmap. It will be integrated into the current ICV capability. We expect it to be available in Q4."

  So, Even, since there is no mentioning of SHACL in the release note for version 6.0, my question is still:   Will we get SHACL when Stardog 6.0 is released?




SHACL support is not in the 6.0 alpha releases but we are still planning to include it in the 6.0 GA release. There will most likely be a beta release with SHACL support before the GA release.


Hi Evren,

When can we expect the beta release with SHACL support, and is the GA release with SHACL support still on schedule for Q4? Also, if I start implementing ICV now, can I easily port it over to SHACL? I'm willing to dive into ICV now, but only if I know I can convert it to SHACL later.


Yes, the SHACL support will be available at some point in Q4. We have a prototype ICV->SHACL converter implemented too but I cannot promise what kind of coverage it will provide as there are both syntactic and semantic differences between the two. The converter might not even make the release because the main use case right now is to automatically translate our existing ICV tests to SHACL tests to check the correctness of the implementation.