SHACL support (beta) in Stardog 6.1.0

Due to the great interest in this feature I thought I'd highlight that the currently Stardog release 6.1.0 has Beta support for SHACL!

(I seem to remember there were a couple of threads asking for this feature so rather than respond to each I figured I'd just post a new one)


Nice! Does support for SHACL stick to the main spec or does it include parts of the SHACL Advanced Features note? Namely, SHACL Rules.

There is no support for SHACL rules. The current limitations are documented here:


Thanks, @evren.

Is there a timeline for when SHACL rules would be supported?

We don't have any plans to support SHACL rules. The semantics for SHACL rules in the working group note is rather under-specified and would not scale to very large graphs as it is currently defined.


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