SHACL Test Suite and Implementation Report

According to the Stardog release notes (and also announced here in the forum):

6.1.0 Release (2019-01-16)

SHACL support (beta) (#6786)

There is however no Stardog presence at the moment in the SHACL Test Suite and Implementation Report.

What is the timeline on solving this (if any)?

Thanks in advance

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SHACL test suite is integrated into our automated testing process but we were not planning to submit the results to the W3C. We will consider this once the SHACL feature is out of beta which should happen in either the February or the March release.


Hi Evren,

all right. Should you decide not to submit it, will it be available in your documentation?
Or at least, is there a current report which you guys can already show (maybe directly here in the forum)?

Best regards