Stardog 6 and ICV

(Hmottestad) #1


I remember ICV and SNAPSHOT isolation being an issue with the alpha release. Has this been fixed in the final release?

Also there was some mention of SNAPSHOT being stronger in 6 vs. 5. Could anyone point me to some info about that, if it's still the case?


(zachary.whitley) #2

The release notes would probably be the best source for that information

(stephen) #3

It is worth noting that the alpha release is unrelated to what has become the 6.0.0 release. Mastiff is now slated to be a 7.x release. (Slightly) more detail can be found in my announcement post

(Tim Williams) #4

Implications for SHACL support? Is that now planned for 7.x instead of 6?

(stephen) #5

The December release will include support for SHACL as a surface syntax for ICV

(Tim Williams) #6

Really looking forward to that!

(system) #7

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