Data add for a server with htttps and running on a different port

I am trying to do:

stardog data add mydb input.ttl

and getting

Connection refused (Connection refused)

Reading the manual - data add | Stardog Documentation Latest - but no example for this:

The default server URL will be read from the JVM argument ‘stardog.default.cli.server’. If the JVM argument is not set, the default value ‘http://localhost:5820’ is used. If the server URL has no explicit port value, the default port value ‘5820’ is used. To use a secure connection, you should specify the full connection string and postfix ‘s’ to the protocol, e.g. https.


You can find some additional information on adding data via the CLI in our documentation: Adding Data | Stardog Documentation Latest

Your command would look something like:

stardog data add https://remote-server:<port>/mydb path/to/input.ttl


Thank you for such a quick response. My next error is:

Adding data from file:
Unsupported or unrecognized SSL message

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