Configure CLI to Use Remote Stardog

(Nolan Nichols) #1

Lets say I want to use the Stardog CLI from my laptop, but I want the default to point to my remote server rather than localhost.

I've seen stardog.default.cli.server referenced in the man pages (e.g.,, but if I try setting this in a file in $STARDOG_HOME, the CLI still points to localhost.

How can I go about configuring a remote server by default? STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS?

(stephen) #2

STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS is indeed the correct answer.

export STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS="-Dstardog.default.cli.server=http://my.remote.server:5820"

(Nolan Nichols) #3

Awesome, thanks!

Is there also a way to store a default username and password? And more generally, are there docs/cheatsheet for all of parameters that can be passed to STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS?

(stephen) #4

The way to store user/pass would be to create a Password file.

I don't think we have one overarching doc regarding all of the available JVM args, but that's definitely something that would be worth compiling

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