I want to start the server on remote linux server an connect from my workstation.
I did set below parameter
export STARDOG_JAVA_ARGS="-Dstardog.default.cli.server=http://Servername:5820"

but still when it comes up says local host and not the server name...

Stardog server 7.3.0 started on Sat May 30 02:13:55 CDT 2020.

Stardog server is listening on all network interfaces.
HTTP server available at http://localhost:5820.


server status

Backup Storage Directory : .backup
CPU Load : 0.00 %
Connection Timeout : 10m
Export Storage Directory : .exports
Memory Heap : 308M (Max: 27G)
Memory Mode : DEFAULT{Starrocks.block_cache=20, Starrocks.dict_block_cache=10, Native.starrocks=70, Heap.dict_value=50, Starrocks.txn_block_cache=5, Heap.dict_index=50, Starrocks.memtable=40, Starrocks.untracked_memory=20, Starrocks.buffer_pool=5, Native.query=30}
Memory Query Blocks : 0B (Max: 7.6G)
Memory RSS : 1.9G
Platform Arch : amd64
Platform OS : Linux 3.10.0-1062.el7.x86_64, Java 1.8.0_222
Query All Graphs : false
Query Timeout : 5m
Security Disabled : false
Stardog Home : /stardog/stardog-7.3.0
Stardog Version : 7.3.0
Strict Parsing : true
Uptime : 20 minutes 26 seconds
Databases :
| | | Transactions | Queries |
| Database | Connections | Open | Total | Avg. Size | Avg. Time (s) | Rate/sec | Running | Total | Avg. Time (s) | Rate/sec |
| myDB | 1 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0.000 | 0.000 | 1 | 1 | 32.426 | 0.001 |

connecting from studio says server is not responding

That JVM arg works a little differently: it tells the client CLI commands where the server is running (once started) so the full connection string won't need to be repeated in every command. But stardog-admin server start won't start the server on a remote instance, for that you need ssh access to that instance.


connecting from studio says server is not responding

when i use admin/admin and endpoint http://servername:5820/myDB

But if i use browser http://servername:5820/myDB i can see the content

any help?

You don't connect to database you connect to the server. Studio will let you select the database after you've connected.

Try connecting to http://servername:5820

Do u guys have any links which shows how to do data modeling in stardog

Can you give some idea of what you're looking for? Beginner, intermediate, expert level? Stardog specific or OWL/SWRL? Tips and best practices etc?

Beginner and intermediate trying to model something from Json mongodb to star dog

I would start with the relevant section in the docs

and follow up with these blog posts

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