Feature Request: Multiple servers

It would be great if you could configure multiple server and pick which one you want to work with.
Parallel connection are not needed, but switching servers now means filling out all details over and over again.

Are you talking about multi tenant? If you are I don’t think there’s anything preventing you from doing that.

What details are you talking about having to fill out over and over again?

I have to fill in server address and credentials all the time now...

Hi Bart,

Thanks for this request! We have plans to implement the feature in a future release of Studio.


If you're talking about with the CLI you can set the default server with a JVM argument 'stardog.default.cli.server' that can be passed to the Stardog client through the STARDOG_JAVA_OPTS environment variable. Default credentials can be set with a .sdpass file located in the user home directory.

If you have multiple Stardog instances that you're using you can juggle these around using either a custom script or an environment management tool like direnv or envman

we are out of sync here, I talk about Studio..

No worries. I was just making sure you got as through a response as possible. :slight_smile:

Just downloaded the latest version of Studio, this is still a issue for me.