Data mapping for Schema with subclasses

Recently I encountered a schema with subclasses.
Anyone can share tips on how to prepare turtle file to map data to such schema?

Can you include some for information on what exactly you're trying to do? I'm not quite clear on what type of schema you are referring to and what you'd like to map.

This is the situation I am talking about. Class B & C are subclasses of Class A, while Class E & F are subclasses of Class D. Some properties associated with classes defined.
When I have data to map to this schema, I am not sure how to handle situation like this. For example in a different case, I can map something to class B or C. But in this case, do I need to map the data to class A as well just because of Class B & C are subclasses of Class A?

You don't have to include the superclass. You can add it or use the reasoner to infer it. If you do add it you'll have to make sure make sure any changes to your ontology are updated in your mappings.

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