Data Pipeline to stardog

Hi, I'm newbie to Stardog and I'm trying to write data pipeline from various sources to feed stardog, i have 2 questions

  1. My data sources can be in xml, json. And I'm so confuse about how to ingest them into Stardog automatically. Do I need to convert them into table and then import them via Virtual Graph mapping by writing python code ? do i need to prepare the ontology design already to map them ? (You can recommend me common data pipeline to feed Stardog)

  2. My second question is about Stardog Designer, how can people map the resource to the edge (relationship) ? I strive to point the resource mapping to the name of relationship edge but don't work. If it is unable to do, how to design self referential relationship or n - n relationship if i have join table ?

Welcome to Stardog. If you're looking for a data ingestion pipeline take a look at ETL Data Into Stardog | Stardog Documentation Latest and using NiFi. Depending on your use case this might be more heavy weight than is necessary.

There is no automatic ingestion for hierarchical sources like xml and json directly. You could, as you suggested, extract tables from them and then use the automatic mapping to import from there but it might be easier to just provide mappings. It's going to depend on your use case.

Take a look at the documentation on virtual graphs on how to create a mapping for a virtual graph Virtual Graphs | Stardog Documentation Latest

Can you provide some more information on your second question about what you're looking to do and the problem you're having. It sounds like this is a mapping from a relational database.