Debugging data inconsistencies

I’m trying to see what are the inconsistencies on my data being inserted to database.
The steps I do are:

  1. create a myDb with the reasoning.schema.graphs=
  2. I add the ontology to that graph
  3. I test consistency via command line: stardog reasoning consistency myDb
  4. I add some triples to a different graph (
  5. I test consistency with the --named-graph parameter, and I get The database is NOT consistent.
    My question, is there a way to check what triples were inconsistent? I checked the stardog.log, but there is nothing there.
    Thanks in advance.

Hi, you can ask Stardog to explain the inconsistency for you via stardog reasoning explain -i myDb

Thanks! that provided me the inconsistent values :slight_smile:
I did tried before without the -i.

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