Delete Query using filter for one specific user


I am running following delete query to delete users except one user and below is the query.

			 ?user survey:role ?role ;
              survey:email ?email ;
              survey:password ?password ;
              survey:status ?status ;
             survey:created_at ?created ;
             survey:resetToken ?resetToken ;
             survey:name ?name . 
   FILTER(?role != "xyy") .
   FILTER(?email != "") .
   FILTER(?password !="$2a$10$OMheGK0hfrdGxa3kd11YZ.CfFxUrSDRZ/MzqT5W5RknTGRQ7oejQ2") .
    FILTER(?status != "ACTIVE") .
   FILTER(?created!= "232323") .
   FILTER(?resetToken!="1bf0c3f0-5367-11e7-8003-d71fb69058ba") .
  			 FILTER(?name!= "admin") }

and I am getting following error.

Parse error on line 19:
...ey:name ?name .    FILTER(?role != "GDP

Please help me to figure out how could I put the filter for one specific user which I dont want to delete.

Thanks in Advance,

The FILTER needs to be in a WHERE clause

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THanks for your valuable comment, issue resolved.

I’m glad that helped but now I’m looking at it the response might be a bit misleading so I’ll add some clarification for anyone coming across this in the future. The DELETE WHERE is a shortcut and doesn’t allow for filters. Specifically the grammar is DELETE WHERE QuadPattern where the full delete grammar (abbreviated) is DELETE QuadPattern WHERE GroupGraphPattern. The QuadPattern doesn’t allow for filters where the GroupGraphPattern does so if you want to use filters you can’t use the shortcut.

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